Angelo Po FX101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven | 10 X GN 1/1

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  • Digital display with library programs for steam, hot air, and combi cooking
  • Specific programs for smoking, Delta T, and Low Temperature
  • Automatic humidity control and dual-level steam generation for perfect cooking results
  • ECO function for reducing consumption and a washing system with double-action sanitization

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Introducing the Angelo Po FX101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven 10X GN 1/1

The Angelo Po Fx101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven 10X GN 1/1 is a perfect addition to commercial kitchens looking for a multifunctional oven that can help them save time and improve cooking precision.

Product overview

Digital Display

The combi oven comes with a digital display and library programs, which makes it easy for chefs and kitchen staff to use. The clear displays show all the functions available, and the library program ensures a smooth, effortless experience cooking different dishes.

Multiple Cooking Capabilities

The Angelo Po Fx101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven 10X Gn 1/1 has three different cooking capabilities, including steam, hot air, and a combination of both which makes cooking even more versatile. Furthermore, it comes with dedicated programs for smoking, Delta T, and Low-Temperature cooking that allow you to create signature dishes that are unique to your establishment.

Automatic Humidity Control

Cooking with humidity in commercial kitchens can be challenging. The oven comes with automatic humidity control that maintains the desired humidity level in the oven while food is cooking, giving chefs precise control and resulting in a better quality of food.

Durable Material

The Angelo Po Fx101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven 10X Gn 1/1’s interior and exterior structure are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, its cooking chamber AISI 316L. The materials used to build the oven ensure that it can handle even the toughest conditions.

Additional Features of Interest

  • ECO Function – The oven comes equipped with an ECO function that helps reduce power consumption while cooking and washing.
  • Dual Level Steam Generation – The steam generator’s design ensures a consistent supply of steam, helping to improve cooking results.
  • Automatic Washing – The oven comes with a washing system with a double-action sanitization effect that ensures an efficient cleaning process.


The Angelo Po Fx101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven 10X Gn 1/1 is an innovative addition to commercial kitchens, offering multiple cooking capabilities and automatic humidity control for precise cooking. The durable material it is built with ensures a long lifespan, whereas additional features, such as dual-level steam generation and ECO function, make it an ideal investment for any business looking to streamline their kitchen processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oven made of?

The oven’s exterior and interior structure is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, whereas its cooking chamber is made of AISI 316L.

Can the oven generate steam in two different ways simultaneously?

Yes, the oven comes with dual-level steam generation, which allows you to generate steam in two different ways simultaneously.

Is there an ECO function for the oven?

Yes, the Angelo Po Fx101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven 10X Gn 1/1 comes with an ECO function, which helps reduce power consumption while cooking and washing.

What size GN containers can the oven accommodate?

The oven can accommodate 10X GN 1/1 containers.

Is there a product core probe included with the oven?

Yes, a single-point product core probe comes with the oven as standard equipment.

What washing programs does the oven include?

The oven includes two washing programs that ensure efficient cleaning processes.

Door opening from left to right
Power supply Gas
Energy Control Pre-Setting for remote control of power peaks
Capacity in GN containers 10 x 1/1GN
Capacity in 60x40cm containers 8 – with accessory
Portions for cooking process n? 140
Product core probe Singlepoint, standard
Display Segment digital
Door knob left-hand opening even with full hands
Automatic washing with double-action sanitization effect
Working voltage 230V 1N~ / 50Hz
Net Weight 170 kg
Gross Weight 182 kg
Packing Width 101 cm
Packing Height 125,6 cm
Packing Depth 96,5 cm
Width 92 cm
Height 103 cm
Depth 90,1 cm
Electric Power 0,8 kW
Gas Power 19,5 kW
Electric supply height 46 cm
Gas diameter 3/4″
Gas supply height 46 cm
Cold water 40 l/h
Cold water diameter 3/4″
Cold water connection height 46 cm
Water drain diameter 4
Water drain height 1 cm
Dimensions 92×90,1×103 cm
Packing 101×96,5×125,6 cm
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    Angelo Po FX101G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven | 10 X GN 1/1