Angelo Po FX201G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven | 20 X GN 1/1

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  • Multi-functional combi oven with steam, hot air, and combi options
  • Digital display and library programs for easy cooking
  • Automatic humidity control and dual level steam generation
  • Eco function for reduced consumption and double-action sanitization washing system

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Introducing the Angelo Po FX201G2 PLUS GAS COMBI OVEN 20 X GN 1/1

The Angelo Po FX201G2 PLUS GAS COMBI OVEN 20 X GN 1/1 is a versatile and innovative combi oven designed for professional kitchens in the food and hospitality industry. This advanced oven offers a combination of steam, hot air, and combi cooking, providing chefs with a wide range of cooking options to deliver exceptional results every time. With a digital display and library programs, this oven ensures precise and consistent cooking, while offering convenient and efficient features to enhance productivity in the kitchen.

Product Overview

Programs for Smoking, Delta T, and Low Temperature

The Angelo Po FX201G2 PLUS GAS COMBI OVEN comes with specialized programs for smoking, Delta T, and low-temperature cooking. These programs are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of different cooking techniques, allowing chefs to explore and experiment with various flavors, textures, and cooking styles. From creating smoky and aromatic dishes to slow-cooking meats to perfection, this combi oven empowers chefs to unleash their creativity and elevate their culinary creations.

Fan with Auto-Reverse Function and 3 Fan Speeds

This oven is equipped with a fan that has an auto-reverse function, allowing for the reversal of rotation direction. This feature ensures even distribution of heat and eliminates hot spots, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes with consistent quality. Additionally, the oven offers three fan speeds, including one intermittent speed, to provide chefs with greater control over the cooking process. Whether you need gentle airflow for delicate pastries or powerful circulation for roasting meats, this oven has the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Automatic Humidity Control

One of the most notable features of the Angelo Po FX201G2 PLUS GAS COMBI OVEN is its automatic humidity control. This innovative technology maintains the ideal level of humidity in the cooking chamber throughout the cooking process. Whether you’re baking bread, roasting meats, or steaming vegetables, this oven ensures that the moisture content is perfectly regulated, resulting in dishes that are moist, tender, and full of flavor. Say goodbye to dry and overcooked food, and say hello to consistently delicious results.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Door Opening – The oven’s door opens from left to right, providing easy access to the cooking chamber.
  • Power Supply – This combi oven operates on gas, offering efficient and cost-effective cooking.
  • Energy Control – The oven has pre-setting for remote control of power peaks, allowing for optimized energy consumption.
  • Capacity – With space for 20 x GN 1/1 containers, or 15 containers with the accessory for 60x40cm containers, this oven offers ample cooking capacity for large-scale food preparation.
  • Product Core Probe – The oven is equipped with a single point product core probe, providing accurate temperature control and ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection.
  • Display – The digital display makes it easy to monitor and adjust cooking settings, ensuring precision and efficiency in your kitchen.
  • Door Knob – The oven’s door knob is designed for left-hand opening, even with full hands, allowing for easy and convenient access to the cooking chamber.
  • Automatic Washing – The oven features an automatic washing system with a double-action sanitization effect. This ensures thorough cleaning and hygiene, reducing manual effort and saving time in the cleaning process.


The Angelo Po FX201G2 PLUS GAS COMBI OVEN 20 X GN 1/1 is a high-performance combi oven that offers exceptional cooking versatility and efficiency. With its advanced features such as programs for smoking, Delta T, and low temperature, automatic humidity control, and fan with auto-reverse function, this oven empowers chefs to achieve outstanding culinary results with ease. Its durable stainless steel construction and convenient features like digital display and automatic washing system make it a reliable and user-friendly choice for professional kitchens. Elevate your cooking capabilities and streamline your kitchen operations with the Angelo Po FX

Door opening from left to right
Power supply Gas
Energy Control Pre-Setting for remote control of power peaks
Capacity in GN containers 20 x 1/1GN
Capacity in 60x40cm containers 15 – with accessory
Portions for cooking process n? 280
Product core probe Singlepoint, standard
Display Segment digital
Door knob left-hand opening even with full hands
Automatic washing with double-action sanitization effect
Working voltage 230V 1N~ / 50Hz
Net Weight 323 kg
Gross Weight 358 kg
Packing Width 104,8 cm
Packing Height 217,3 cm
Packing Depth 102 cm
Width 96,2 cm
Height 185,5 cm
Depth 93,5 cm
Electric Power 1,5 kW
Gas Power 40 kW
Electric supply height 25 cm
Gas diameter 3/4″
Gas supply height 25 cm
Cold water 60 l/h
Cold water diameter 3/4″
Cold water connection height 25 cm
Water drain diameter 4
Water drain height 1 cm
Dimensions 96,2×93,5×185,5 cm
Packing 104,8x102x217,3 cm
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    Angelo Po FX201G2 Plus Gas Combi Oven | 20 X GN 1/1