Commercial Chargrills: The Secret to Perfect Grilled Food

Think your barbecue skills are top-notch? Wait till you learn about commercial chargrills. Discover why these pro-level grills are chefs’ secret weapon for perfectly grilled food every time!

Commercial chargrill grilling chicken
Commercial chargrill grilling chicken

Whether it’s a succulent steak, a rack of ribs, or a plate of grilled vegetables, the right grill can bring these foods to life, epitomizing incredible flavours. Among professional culinary tools, commercial chargrills hold a special place. What makes these grills the secret to perfectly grilled food? Dive into the world of commercial chargrills with us to find out.

What are Commercial Chargrills?

Commercial chargrills, also known as char broilers, are heavy-duty grills designed to handle the demanding environments of restaurant kitchens. They grill food by distributing heat evenly beneath the grates, providing those signature grill marks and that unmistakably smoky flavour that tickles your taste buds.

Why are Commercial Chargrills a Chef’s Secret Weapon?

Consistent Heat Distribution: One of the leading features of commercial chargrills is their consistent heat distribution. High-quality chargrills are designed to maintain an even temperature across the grill surface, ensuring perfectly cooked food every time.

Versatility: Another advantage of these grills is their versatility. They are equally effective at searing steaks, cooking delicate seafood, or charring vegetables. With varying heat zones, chefs can cook different types of food simultaneously.

Enhanced Flavours: Chargrills produce a unique flavour profile due to the smoking and charring process. The high-heat cooking technique seals in juices and flavours, rendering a richness to food that is unattainable with other cookware.

The Art of Grilling: Using a Commercial Chargrill

Mastering the chargrill is a craft in itself. Controlling the heat and managing the grill space is critical for consistently superior results. Altering the height of the grates and using the cooler and hotter zones optimally can separate a good chef from a great one!

A few additional tips for nailing the chargrill method are:

  • Preheat: Always preheat the grill before cooking. This ensures an evenly heated cooking surface that will seal in flavours quickly.
  • Cleaning: Clean the grates after each use. Accumulated grease can flare up and cause uneven cooking and a bitter taste in food.
  • Oil the grates: Oiling the grates will prevent food from sticking onto them.

Wrapping It Up

In the realm of grilling, commercial chargrills are the unsung heroes. The consistent heat, versatility, and flavour enhancement that these magnificent appliances offer make them an indispensable tool for any serious chef. So next time you savour a delicious grilled dish in a restaurant, remember, it’s not just the chef’s skill at play – it’s also the secret weapon they use: the commercial chargrill.