Cool Head BTL 1000 Bottle Cooler

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  • 248L capacity, perfect for storing bottles and cans
  • 2 stainless steel sliding doors with easy grab handle for convenient access
  • Durable and reliable, manufactured with a static cooling system and independent main switch
  • Additional features including an easy removable top and built-in bottle opener

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Introducing the Cool Head BTL 1000

The Cool Head BTL 1000 is a practical and reliable horizontal cooler with a 248L capacity. Designed specifically for storing bottles and cans, this cooler features 2 stainless steel sliding doors with easy grab handles. With its durable construction and convenient features, the BTL 1000 is the perfect solution for businesses in the food and drink industry.

Product Overview

Horizontal Cooler with Sliding Doors

The BTL 1000 is a horizontal cooler that features 2 sliding doors, making it easy to access your beverages. The stainless steel exterior and interior provide durability and a sleek look that complements any establishment. Its 248L capacity ensures that you have ample space to store your bottles and cans.

Static Cooling

Equipped with a static cooling system, the BTL 1000 ensures consistent cooling throughout the cooler. This ensures that your beverages are kept at the optimal temperature, allowing for refreshing drinks at any time.

Easy Removable Top

The BTL 1000 is designed with an easy removable top, making it convenient to clean and maintain. This feature ensures that you can keep your cooler in top condition and provide a hygienic environment for your beverages.

Stainless Steel Sliding Doors with Grab Handle

The BTL 1000 features stainless steel sliding doors with grab handles, allowing for easy opening and closing. The handles provide a sturdy grip, ensuring that you can access your beverages with ease.

Bottle Opener Included

No need to search for a bottle opener, as the BTL 1000 comes with a bottle opener included. This convenient feature allows you to open your bottles quickly and effortlessly.

Independent Main Switch

The BTL 1000 is equipped with an independent main switch, giving you full control over the cooling system. This allows you to turn off the cooler when not in use, saving energy and reducing operating costs.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Rear and Lateral Side Airflow Panel Holes – These panel holes ensure proper airflow throughout the cooler, maintaining a consistent temperature and preventing hot spots.
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (45mm per side) – The use of this foaming agent ensures optimal insulation, keeping your beverages cool for longer periods.
  • Mechanical Thermostat – The mechanical thermostat allows you to easily adjust and control the temperature of the cooler, ensuring your beverages are always at the perfect temperature.
  • N.4 Adjustable Feet – The BTL 1000 comes with 4 adjustable feet, allowing you to level the cooler on uneven surfaces for stability and convenience.
  • Energy Efficiency Class: – – While the energy efficiency class is not specified, the BTL 1000 is designed to operate efficiently, minimizing energy consumption.


The Cool Head BTL 1000 is a practical and reliable horizontal cooler that offers ample storage space and convenient features. With its stainless steel sliding doors, easy removable top, and independent main switch, this cooler provides the perfect solution for keeping your beverages cool and easily accessible. The additional features, such as the included bottle opener and adjustable feet, add to the overall functionality and convenience of the cooler. Choose the BTL 1000 for a durable and efficient cooling solution for your restaurant, bar, cafe, or any other food and drink establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cooler have any adjustable shelves?

No, the BTL 1000 does not come with adjustable shelves. It is designed specifically for storing bottles and cans, providing maximum storage capacity without the need for additional shelves.

Is the interior of the cooler easy to clean?

Yes, the interior of the BTL 1000 is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The easy removable top also allows for convenient cleaning access.

Can I use this cooler outdoors?

The BTL 1000 is designed for indoor use. It is not recommended to use it outdoors, as it is not weatherproof and may be damaged by exposure to the elements.

What is the energy consumption of this cooler?

The energy consumption of the BTL 1000 is not specified. However, it is designed to operate efficiently and minimize energy consumption, helping you save on operating costs.

  • Horizontal cooler with N.2 sliding doors
  • Stainless Steel exterior and interior
  • Static Cooling
  • Manual Defrost
  • Rear and lateral side airflow panel holes
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (45mm per side)
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Easy removable top
  • Stainless steel sliding doors with grab handle
  • Bottle opener included
  • Independent main switch
  • N.4 Adjustable feet
  • Energy efficiency class: –
Commercial capacity 248 L
Energy consumption 1.5 kWh / 24h
External depth 575 mm
External height 865 mm
External width 1000 mm
Internal depth 470 mm
Internal height 765 mm
Internal width 895 mm
Gross weight 67.5 kg
Net weight 55 kg
Noise level 52 dB(A)
Power 200 W
Temperature range +0? ~ +8?C
    Cool Head BTL-1000Cool Head BTL 1000 Bottle Cooler
    826.00 excl VAT

    In stock

    Warranty: 1 Year