Cool Head CR 90A Salad Prep Fridge

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  • Clean and essential appearance with stainless-steel protection
  • Efficiently designed with two doors and adjustable shelves
  • Digital thermostat and easy-to-remove condenser filter
  • Sliding engine for easy after-sales servicing

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Introducing the Cool Head CR 90A – GN1/1 Refrigerated Saladette (OPEN TOP)

The Cool Head CR 90A is a sleek and essential refrigerated saladette designed with an open top and stainless-steel protection. This model is perfect for saving space and providing a refrigerated workstation in any professional kitchen. With its clean and modern appearance, the CR 90A combines efficiency and functionality to meet the needs of businesses in the food and drink industry.

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Exterior and Interior

The CR 90A features a durable stainless steel exterior and interior, ensuring longevity and easy cleaning. This high-quality material not only enhances the appearance of the saladette but also provides excellent resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for busy commercial kitchens.

Static Cooling

With its static cooling system, the CR 90A ensures consistent and even temperature distribution throughout the saladette. This feature helps to maintain the freshness and quality of ingredients stored inside, allowing food businesses to serve their customers with confidence.

Automatic Compressor Cycle Defrost

The saladette is equipped with an automatic compressor cycle defrost function, eliminating the need for manual defrosting. This feature helps to optimize the performance of the saladette and prevent the accumulation of frost, ensuring efficient and trouble-free operation.

Digital Thermostat

The CR 90A is equipped with a digital thermostat, giving users precise control over the temperature settings. This feature allows businesses to maintain the desired temperature for their ingredients, ensuring their freshness and extending their shelf life.

Sliding Engine Room for Manageable After-Sales Servicing

The saladette is designed with a sliding engine room, making after-sales servicing and maintenance tasks more manageable. This convenient feature allows technicians to easily access and service the internal components of the saladette, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

Easy Removable Condenser Filter

For smooth maintenance and cleaning, the CR 90A is equipped with an easily removable condenser filter. This filter prevents the build-up of dust and debris on the condenser, allowing the saladette to operate efficiently and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Plastic Thermal-Braker as Chamber Body Frame – The plastic thermal-braker acts as an insulated barrier, reducing heat transfer and ensuring the interior temperature remains consistent.
  • Separated Plastic Water Tray – The separated plastic water tray collects condensation and prevents water from coming into contact with stored ingredients, maintaining their freshness and quality.
  • Front Panel Tilted Holes for Better Air Circulation – The front panel of the saladette is designed with tilted holes to facilitate better air circulation, ensuring even cooling and preventing temperature fluctuations.
  • Adjustable Shelves GN1/1: 2 Pcs – The CR 90A comes with two adjustable shelves GN1/1, providing flexibility in organizing and storing different types of ingredients.
  • Self Closing Door – The saladette is equipped with a self-closing door featuring a new inner embossed design for a better sealing, ensuring that stored ingredients are securely enclosed and reducing energy consumption.
  • Removable Gasket – The removable gasket allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic and bacteria-free environment for stored ingredients.
  • Engine Room Lock Fitted as Standard – The saladette is equipped with an engine room lock fitted as standard, providing an additional level of security and preventing unauthorized access to internal components.
  • N.2 Adjustable Feet in the Front + N.4 Fix Rollers – The saladette is designed with two adjustable feet in the front and four fixed rollers at the back, allowing for easy mobility and stability when needed.
  • Holder Spacer for GN Pans with “Hook” Design (Included) – The CR 90A comes with a holder spacer for GN pans with a “hook” design, ensuring secure storage and organization of ingredients.
  • Energy Efficiency Class: – – The energy efficiency class of the saladette indicates its high energy-saving capabilities, allowing businesses to reduce their energy consumption and operating costs.


The Cool Head CR 90A – GN1/1 Refrigerated Saladette offers a clean and essential appearance, along with a range of innovative features designed to meet the needs of businesses in the food and drink industry. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, cafe, deli, or commercial kitchen, this saladette provides the perfect refrigerated workstation to save space and ensure the freshness and quality of your ingredients. With its durable stainless-steel construction, efficient cooling system, easy maintenance features, and adjustable shelves, the CR 90A is an excellent choice for any professional kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean the condenser filter?

The condenser filter should be cleaned at least once every three months to ensure optimal performance and prevent dust and debris build-up. However, it is recommended to check the filter regularly and clean it as needed based on the operating environment of the saladette.

Can I adjust the temperature settings?

Yes, the CR 90A is equipped with a digital thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature settings according to your specific requirements. This feature ensures that your ingredients are stored at the desired temperature for freshness and quality.

Is the saladette suitable for storing both raw and cooked ingredients?

Yes, the saladette is designed to accommodate a variety of ingredients, both raw and cooked. With its adjustable shelves and efficient cooling system, you can store different types of ingredients separately, ensuring proper food safety and preventing cross-contamination.

Does the saladette come with a warranty?

Yes, the Cool Head CR 90A – GN1/1 Refrigerated Saladette comes with a standard warranty provided by the manufacturer. Please refer to the product documentation or contact our customer service for specific warranty details.

Can I lock the saladette to secure the stored ingredients?

Yes, the saladette is equipped with an engine room lock fitted as standard. This feature allows you to secure the saladette and prevent unauthorized access to the internal components. It ensures the safety and integrity of your stored ingredients.

Does the saladette come with casters for easy mobility?

Yes, the CR 90A is designed with two adjustable feet in the front and four fixed rollers at the back. This combination allows for easy mobility and stability, making it convenient to move the saladette when necessary.

  • GN1/1 Refrigerated saladette (OPEN TOP)
  • Stainless Steel exterior and interior
  • Static Cooling
  • Automatic compressor cycle defrost
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (45mm per side)
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Sliding engine room for manageable after-sales servicing
  • Plastic thermal breaker as chamber body frame
  • Easy removable condenser filter
  • Separated plastic water tray
  • Front panel tilted holes for better air circulation
  • Adjustable shelves GN1/1: 2 Pcs
  • Self-closing door (New inner embossed design for better sealing)
  • Removable Gasket
  • Engine room lock fitted as standard
  • N.2 Adjustable feet in the front + N.4 fixed rollers
  • Holder spacer for GN pans with “hook” design (included)
  • Energy efficiency class: ?
Commercial capacity 232 L
Energy consumption 2.42 Kw / 24h
External depth 700 mm
External height 883 mm
External width 900 mm
Internal depth 586 mm
Internal height 502 mm
Internal width 810 mm
Gross weight 88 Kg
Net weight 70 Kg
Noise level 53.9 dB(A)
Power 142.4 W
Temperature range +0 ~ +8C
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    Cool Head CR 90A Salad Prep Fridge
Cool Head CR90ACool Head CR 90A Salad Prep Fridge
1,081.00 excl VAT

In stock

Warranty: 1 Year