Cool Head QBG 400 Bottle Cooler

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  • 618L capacity to store bottles and cans
  • Elegant black powder coated galvanized steel exterior
  • 4 hinged glass doors with cylindrical handles
  • Equipped with a self-closing feature & lock
  • Digital thermostat
  • Optional drawer cassette system

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Introducing the Cool Head QBG 400

The Cool Head QBG 400 is an elegant, reliable, and versatile back bar designed to keep your bottles and cans at the perfect temperature. With a capacity of 618L, this black powder coated galvanized steel bar features 4 hinged glass doors, 8 adjustable chromed shelves, and a range of convenient features to enhance your bar experience.

Product Overview

Elegant Design

The QBG 400 is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bar. With a black powder coated galvanized steel exterior and a sleek mat finish, this back bar adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. The inner side is coated with white steel for a clean and bright look.

Temperature Control

Maintaining the right temperature for your beverages is crucial, and the QBG 400 ensures optimal cooling performance. Equipped with a digital thermostat, you can easily set and monitor the temperature to ensure that your drinks are always perfectly chilled.

Convenient Features

The QBG 400 is designed with convenience in mind. The 4 hinged glass doors provide easy access to your beverages, while the self-closing feature ensures that the doors are always securely closed. The dedicated inner LED light illuminates the contents, allowing customers to easily see the available options.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Optional Drawer Cassette System – The QBG 400 offers an optional drawer cassette system for added convenience. This feature allows you to store items such as garnishes, straws, or napkins, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.
  • Adjustable Shelves – The bar is equipped with 8 adjustable chromed shelves, allowing you to customize the storage space to fit your needs. Whether you need to accommodate tall bottles or want to create additional space for cans, the adjustable shelves offer flexibility.
  • Energy Efficiency – The QBG 400 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. With an energy efficiency class of G, this bar ensures that your drinks stay cool without consuming excessive amounts of energy.


The Cool Head QBG 400 is an elegant and reliable back bar that offers the perfect solution for keeping your bottles and cans at the ideal temperature. With adjustable shelves, convenient features such as self-closing doors and inner LED light, and the option for a drawer cassette system, this versatile bar is a must-have for any bar or restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the QBG 400 be used for both bottles and cans?

Yes, the QBG 400 is designed to accommodate both bottles and cans, making it versatile for any type of beverages.

Is the QBG 400 easy to clean?

Yes, the QBG 400 has easily accessible parts for cleaning, including a removable condenser filter. Keeping your bar clean and hygienic is simple with this back bar.

Can I adjust the temperature easily?

Absolutely! The QBG 400 features a digital thermostat with a membrane for easy temperature control. Simply set your desired temperature and the bar will maintain it consistently.

Does the QBG 400 come with a lock?

Yes, the QBG 400 is fitted with a door lock as standard. This ensures that your beverages are secure and protected.

What is the energy efficiency rating of the QBG 400?

The QBG 400 has an energy efficiency class of G, ensuring that your drinks stay cool without consuming excessive energy.

Can I use the QBG 400 in a commercial kitchen?

While the QBG 400 is primarily designed for back bar use, it can also be suitable for commercial kitchen environments, provided it meets the specific needs and requirements of the kitchen.

  • N.4 Hinged GLASS door BACK BAR
  • External in black powder coated galvanized steel and white coated steel for internal side
  • Item with matte finishing and total height at 860mm
  • Ventilated Cooling
  • Automatic compressor cycle defrost
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (40mm per side)
  • Digital thermostat with membrane
  • Door: Self closing with dedicated inner LED light (Not reversible)
  • Removable Gasket and door lock fitted as standard
  • Motor fan with low noise level performance
  • Adjustable shelves: 8 pcs
  • Anticondensation profile system
  • Easily access for clean condenser filter
  • N.4 Adjustable feet ? S/S feet or castor with brake (Option)
  • Energy efficiency class: G
Commercial capacity 618 L
Energy consumption 3.936 kWh / 24h
External depth 535 mm
External height 860 mm
External width 2540 mm
Internal depth 415 mm
Internal height 740 mm
Internal width 2160 mm
Gross weight 184 kg
Net weight 151 kg
Noise level 53 dB(A)
Power 456 W
Temperature range M2 (-1? ~ +7?)
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    Cool Head QBG 400 Bottle Cooler