Cool Head QN 6 Solid Door Freezer

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  • Elegant and space-saving design with 4 GN 2/1 shelves and grid guides
  • Energy-saving features include self-closing door, R290 gas, and 80mm insulation
  • Convenient features include digital controller, LED lights, and lock fitted as standard
  • Flexible customization with reversible door and height-adjustable feet

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Introducing the Cool Head QN 6 – GN2/1 Freezer Upright Cabinet

The Cool Head QN 6 – GN2/1 Freezer Upright Cabinet is a sleek and efficient solution for your commercial kitchen or food business. With its clean design and digital controller, this freezer cabinet offers a range of features to meet your storage needs while maximizing energy efficiency and ease of use.

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Construction

The exterior and interior of the freezer cabinet are made from durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. The stainless steel construction also provides a hygienic and professional look for your kitchen or business.

Ventilated Cooling

The Cool Head QN 6 utilizes a ventilated cooling system, ensuring even distribution of cold air throughout the cabinet. This technology helps to maintain consistent temperatures and prevents hot spots, keeping your food items well-preserved and fresh.

Energy-Saving Features

The freezer cabinet is equipped with an R290 gas and 80mm insulation foam on each side, promoting energy efficiency and reducing overall energy consumption. The self-closing door prevents unnecessary energy waste, while the LED lights provide ample visibility without using excessive electricity.

Flexible Storage

The QN 6 comes with four GN2/1 shelves fitted as standard, offering ample space for your frozen goods. The grid guides inside the cabinet not only aid in the cleaning process but also allow for a higher weight capacity on the shelves, accommodating heavy items without compromising stability.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Removable Gasket – The removable gasket allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene.
  • Reversible Door – The self-closing door is reversible, providing flexibility in installation and allowing you to customize the setup to suit your space.
  • Adjustable Feet – The height-adjustable feet, ranging from 75mm to 90mm, enable you to level the cabinet on uneven surfaces or align it with other units for a seamless look.


The Cool Head QN 6 – GN2/1 Freezer Upright Cabinet is a top-of-the-line solution for your commercial freezing needs. With its stainless steel construction, energy-saving features, and flexible storage options, this freezer cabinet offers an efficient, reliable, and visually appealing solution for businesses in the food and drink industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the energy efficiency class of this freezer cabinet?

The energy efficiency class of the Cool Head QN 6 – GN2/1 Freezer Upright Cabinet is D.

Can I install this freezer cabinet on uneven surfaces?

Yes, the QN 6 comes with adjustable feet, allowing you to level the cabinet even on uneven surfaces.

Does the freezer cabinet have a reversible door?

Yes, the QN 6 is equipped with a reversible door, offering flexibility in installation and customization.

How many shelves are included with the freezer cabinet?

The Cool Head QN 6 comes with three adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf, providing ample storage space for your frozen goods.

Is the gasket of the door removable?

Yes, the gasket of the QN 6 is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

What are the dimensions of this freezer cabinet?

Unfortunately, the dimensions of the Cool Head QN 6 – GN2/1 Freezer Upright Cabinet are not provided in the manufacturer’s data. However, please contact our customer support team for detailed product information.

  • GN2/1 Freezer upright cabinet
  • Stainless Steel exterior and interior
  • Plastic thermal-breaker as chamber body frame (Heated)
  • Ventilated Cooling
  • Evaporator with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Hot gas defrost system
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (80mm)
  • Curved edge for easy cleaning
  • Digital Thermostat
  • White backlit main switch
  • LED light and lock fitted as standard
  • Removable Gasket
  • Door: Self closing and reversible door fitted as standard
  • Foamed door handle
  • Adjustable shelves GN2/1: 3 + 1
  • N.4 S/S Adjustable feet ? (Lockable castor as Optional)
  • Energy efficiency class: D
Commercial capacity 546 L
Energy consumption 6.32 Kw / 24h
External depth 823 mm
External height 2045 mm
External width 700 mm
Internal depth 685 mm
Internal height 1485 mm
Internal width 534 mm
Gross weight 121 Kg
Net weight 108 Kg
Noise level 50 dB(A)
Power 313 W
Temperature range -18? ~ -22?C
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    Cool Head QN 6 Solid Door Freezer
Cool Head QN6Cool Head QN 6 Solid Door Freezer
2,111.00 excl VAT

In stock

Warranty: 1 Year