Elframo Pot Washer – LP 61

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  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame and chassis for durability
  • Double-skinned structure for added strength
  • Electromechanical controls with digital temperature settings for precise operation
  • No welding in the washing/rinsing chamber to prevent dirt buildup

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Introducing the Elframo Warewasher LP 61

The Elframo Warewasher LP 61 is an essential piece of equipment for any business in the food and hospitality industry. This high-quality warewasher is designed to efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize dishes, glasses, and utensils, allowing your staff to focus on providing excellent service to your customers.

Product Overview

AISI 304 stainless steel frame and chassis

The LP 61 features a durable and hygienic AISI 304 stainless steel frame and chassis. This double-skinned structure ensures the warewasher’s longevity and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for long-term use in commercial kitchen environments. With its robust construction, you can rely on the LP 61 to withstand the rigorous demands of your establishment.

Thermo and acoustic insulation

The LP 61 comes with standard thermo insulation for its frame, as well as the option for acoustic insulation upon request. This insulation feature helps to maintain the water temperature inside the warewasher, ensuring optimal washing and rinsing performance. Additionally, the acoustic insulation reduces noise levels, creating a more comfortable working environment for your staff.

Electromechanical controls

The LP 61 is equipped with user-friendly electromechanical controls. With digital thermo controls, you can easily set and maintain the desired temperature for the boiler and tank. This precise temperature control ensures proper sanitization and hygiene standards are met, giving you peace of mind that your dishes are thoroughly cleaned and ready for use.

Efficient washing and rinsing chamber

The washing and rinsing chamber of the LP 61 is specially designed to prevent dirt stagnation. With a unique mould tank and no weldings, there are no crevices for food particles or bacteria to accumulate, ensuring thorough and hygienic cleaning every time. The tank also features an inclined bottom and widely rounded corners, preventing residual deposits and making it easier to maintain cleanliness.

Stainless steel surface filters and rotating arms

The tank of the LP 61 is equipped with stainless steel surface filters, which effectively trap debris and prevent it from circulating back into the chamber. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of your dishes and prevents clogging of the washing and rinsing arms. Speaking of the arms, they are also made of stainless steel and rotate during the wash cycle, ensuring an even and thorough distribution of water for optimal cleaning results.

Hydraulic rinse aid and peristaltic detergent doser

To further enhance the cleaning process, the LP 61 is equipped with a hydraulic rinse aid doser and a peristaltic detergent doser. These dosers ensure precise and consistent dosing of rinse aid and detergent, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and minimizing wastage. This feature not only saves you money on chemical costs but also delivers sparkling clean and spot-free results.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Easy-to-use controls – The LP 61 features intuitive controls that are user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for your staff to operate and maintain.
  • Energy-efficient design – The LP 61 is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you to reduce your utility costs and minimize your environmental impact.
  • Flexible configuration options – The LP 61 offers various configuration options to suit your specific needs, including different rack sizes and additional accessories such as cutlery baskets and cup racks.


The Elframo Warewasher LP 61 is a reliable and efficient solution for businesses in the food and hospitality industry. With its durable construction, precise temperature control, and hygienic design, the LP 61 ensures that your dishes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The stainless steel filters and rotating arms enhance the cleaning process, while the rinse aid and detergent dosers provide optimal dosage for impeccable results. Choose the Elframo Warewasher LP 61 for a seamless and efficient dishwashing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the LP 61?

The LP 61 has a capacity of [X] racks per hour, making it suitable for medium to high volume dishwashing operations.

Is the LP 61 easy to install?

Yes, the LP 61 is designed for easy installation. It comes with clear instructions and can be plumbed into your existing water and drainage systems.

How often should I clean the LP 61?

The LP 61 should be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance and hygiene. It is recommended to follow the cleaning guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Can the LP 61 accommodate different dish sizes?

Yes, the LP 61 offers flexibility in configuration options, allowing you to choose a rack size that suits your specific dish sizes. You can also add additional accessories such as cutlery baskets and cup racks.

Does the LP 61 require any special electrical requirements?

The LP 61 operates on standard electrical requirements. Please refer to the product specifications or consult a qualified electrician for more information.

Is the LP 61 suitable for commercial kitchens?

Yes, the LP 61 is specifically designed for commercial kitchen environments. Its durable construction and efficient performance make it an ideal choice for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food service establishments.

  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame and chassi, double-skinned structure
  • Standard thermo insulation of the frame, acoustic insulation on request
  • Electromechanical controls: boiler and tank temperature setting with digital thermo controls
  • Washing/rinsing chamber with no welding, to avoid dirt stagnation, unique mould tank
  • Tank with inclined bottom and widely rounded corners to avoid residual deposit
  • Stainless steel surface filters in the tank
  • Stainless steel rotating washing and rinsing arms
  • Hydraulic rinse aid doser and peristaltic detergent doser
Type – Dishwashers Warewashers
Range Electromechanical controls
Basket size 700?550 mm
Basket/hour or Plate/hour output 30-15-10/h ? 120-60-40/h (baking trays)
Number of cycles 3
Power – Dishwashers Electrical
Size (WxHxD) 675?1.851?842 mm
Net/Gross weight 158 kg ? 176 kg
Cycle lengths 120/240/360?
Power rating 400V 3N
Max absorbed power 10.5 kW
Pump power 2.2 kW
Power of the boost pump 0.37 kW
Boiler heating element power 8.3 kW
Tank heating element power 5.2 kW
Water consumption 3.5 l
Main water temperature 45 ? 60 ?C
Baskets n. 2 ? cod. 00067029 + cod. 00059360
Brand Elframo
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