Choosing the Right Ice Maker Accessories for Your Ice Machine

Are you making the most of your ice machine? Don’t just stop at the machine; the right accessories can supercharge your ice production, making it a breeze. Uncover lesser-known accessories in our latest post that can ensure cleaner, more efficient ice production and even extend your machine’s lifespan. Dive into our icy guide right now to unlock the full potential of your ice maker!

Ice scoop in a bucket of ice - ice maker accessories
Ice Scoop in a bowl of Ice

An ice machine is a fantastic investment, whether for your restaurant, bar, or even your home. However, your ice-making process can become a whole lot more convenient and efficient with the relevant ice maker accessories. Let’s go through essential ice maker accessories and help you choose the right ones.

Ice Scoops

Investing in the right ice scoop is not only about convenience – it’s also about maintaining health and hygiene. Plastic or metal scoops are both good choices, with some users preferring the durability of metal whereas others choose anti-microbial plastic for safety.

Remember to opt for scoops with a holder to prevent them from sitting on potentially contaminated surfaces.

Ice Bags

For those in the business of selling bagged ice, ice bags are a crucial accessory. They come in several sizes, usually measured in kilograms. Make sure you choose a bag with a tight seal to maintain cleanliness and usability. Buying bags in bulk could be a cost-saving strategy, but remember to store them properly to avoid contamination.

Ice Bins

An ice bin is a must-have for any establishment that requires a large quantity of ice on hand. The size of your bin should be determined by your estimated daily ice usage. A smaller bin may not suffice, and a larger one could mean unnecessary energy usage.

Ice Machine Cleaners

Regular maintenance of your ice machine is important for both efficiency and hygiene. Look for ice machine cleaners with food-safe ingredients. You’ll find both liquid and powder detergents on the market, and your choice will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations for the machine.

Water Filters

The quality of ice produced significantly depends on the quality of water used. A water filter removes impurities from the water before it reaches your ice machine, resulting in clear, odor-free ice. Regularly changing the filter (once every 6 months is a common recommendation) will keep your ice at its best.

Ice Machine Sanitizer

Similar to the cleaner, a sanitizer is recommended to ensure the elimination of bacteria within the device. Some sanitizers are available in tablets making them easy to use, while others come in liquid form.

Ice Totes

Ice totes are large, usually plastic, containers with ample capacity to transport or store ice from the bin to serving areas. Consider totes with a comfortable, ergonomic design for ease of transport.

Ice Machine Water Pumps

An essential yet often overlooked accessory, water pumps supply water from a reservoir or direct mains supply to the machine. They need to be replaced periodically to avoid any chance of malfunction or breakage.


Choosing the right ice maker accessories for your ice machine can seem overwhelming, but it ultimately improves the function, efficiency, and lifespan of your system. Carefully assess your specific ice-making needs before choosing appropriate accessories. You’ll find your ice machine isn’t just a luxury, but a fully optimized solution for your cooling needs.