Weili Triple Door Beer Fridge in Stainless Steel | Sliding Doors | SC-298YS

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  • Three Glass Door bottle cooler
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Auto defrost system with a self-evaporating drip tray
  • Fully adjustable industrial shelves
  • Interior illumination

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Introducing the Weili SC-338YS Triple Door Beer Fridge in Stainless Steel with Sliding Doors

Elevate your beverage service with the Weili SC-338YS Triple Door Beer Fridge, featuring a sleek stainless steel exterior and sliding doors. This premium beverage cooler is designed to provide both durability and a stylish appearance, making it an excellent addition to your establishment. With its lower energy consumption, the SC-338YS is not only eco-friendly but also cost-efficient. Maintain your drinks at the perfect serving temperature within the range of 2?C to 10?C, ensuring that your customers enjoy top-quality beverages with every sip.

Product Overview

Force-Air Fan Cooling

The Weili SC-338YS Triple Door Beer Fridge features force-air fan cooling technology for even air distribution, eliminating hot spots and ensuring that all bottles are consistently chilled to perfection.

Self-Closing Door

Say goodbye to concerns about accidentally leaving the cooler door ajar. The self-closing door feature of the Weili SC-338YS automatically ensures a secure seal after each use. This not only maintains the interior temperature but also prevents unnecessary energy waste.

Interior Illumination

Showcase your drink selection with the interior illumination feature of the Weili SC-338YS. This allows customers to easily browse and select their preferred beverages, even in low-light conditions.

Fully Adjustable Industrial Shelves

Efficiently organize and display your bottles with the fully adjustable industrial shelves provided with the Weili SC-338YS. These shelves can be customized to accommodate bottles of different sizes and shapes, maximizing storage space.

Strengthened Door Frame

Ensure long-lasting durability in high-traffic environments with the strengthened door frame of the Weili SC-338YS. You can have peace of mind knowing that your cooler can withstand daily use and minimize the risk of damage.

Auto Defrost with Self-Evaporating Drip Tray

Say goodbye to manual defrosting. The Weili SC-338YS features an auto defrost function, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. The self-evaporating drip tray efficiently removes excess moisture, preventing water accumulation.

High-Pressure Injected Foam Insulation

Reduce energy consumption and maintain consistent interior temperatures with the high-pressure injected foam insulation of the Weili SC-338YS. This insulation provides excellent thermal efficiency, keeping your drinks perfectly chilled without straining your electricity bill.

Double-Glazed Glass Door

The Weili SC-338YS is equipped with double-glazed glass doors, offering superior insulation properties that reduce condensation and maintain a clear view of your beverage selection, enhancing the visual appeal for your customers.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Lockable Doors – Safeguard your valuable beverage inventory with lockable doors for added security.
  • Digital Temperature Control – Easily adjust and monitor the interior temperature with the user-friendly digital control panel.
  • Adjustable Feet – Ensure stability and level the cooler on any surface with the adjustable feet.


Elevate your beverage service and enhance your customer’s experience with the Weili SC-338YS Triple Door Beer Fridge. This cooler offers advanced features like force-air fan cooling, self-closing doors, and interior illumination. With fully adjustable industrial shelves, a strengthened door frame, and auto defrost, this cooler is designed to meet the demands of busy establishments. The high-pressure injected foam insulation and double-glazed glass doors ensure optimal temperature control and energy efficiency. Additionally, lockable doors, digital temperature control, and adjustable feet provide added convenience and functionality. Trust in the Weili SC-338YS to keep your beverages perfectly chilled and visually appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the doors lockable?

Yes, the Weili SC-338YS Triple Door Beer Fridge comes with lockable doors for added security.

How can I adjust the interior temperature?

The interior temperature can be easily adjusted and monitored using the user-friendly digital control panel.

Can the feet be adjusted to level the cooler?

Yes, the adjustable feet of the Weili SC-338YS allow you to level the cooler on any surface.

  • Force-air fan cooling
  • Self closing door
  • Interior illumination
  • Fully adjustable industrial shelves
  • Strengthened door frame
  • Auto defrost with self evaporating drip tray
  • High-Pressure injected foam insulation
  • Double-glazed glass door
Dimensions (mm) W1335*D500*H900
Climate Class N-ST
Capacity 318L
Door Stainless steel sliding door
Temperature Range 2?C~10?C
Refrigerant R600a
Bottle capacity 183?500ml
Interior Light LED
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    Weili Triple Door Beer Fridge in Stainless Steel | Sliding Doors | SC-298YS
Weili SC-318YS/SC-338YSWeili Triple Door Beer Fridge in Stainless Steel | Sliding Doors | SC-298YS
1,441.00 excl VAT

In stock

Warranty: 1 Year