Cool Head CRS 90A Salad Prep Fridge

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  • Efficient and space-saving design
  • Two doors and adjustable shelf GN1/1 for each door
  • Digital thermostat and easily removable condenser filter for easy maintenance
  • Sliding engine for manageable after-sales servicing

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Introducing the Cool Head CRS 90A – GN1/1 Refrigerated Saladette (SANDWICH TOP)

The Cool Head CRS 90A is a refrigerated saladette with a clean and essential appearance, designed specifically for professional kitchens. With its stainless steel top and embedded space for 5 GN 1/6 pans (pans not included), this saladette is perfect for saving space while providing a refrigerated workstation. The CRS 90A is a shining example of efficiency, featuring two doors, an adjustable shelf GN1/1 for each door, a digital thermostat, a bottom engine room, an easily removable condenser filter for smooth maintenance and cleaning, and a sliding engine for easy after-sales servicing.

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Exterior and Interior

The Cool Head CRS 90A features a sleek and durable stainless steel exterior and interior. This not only gives it a professional and clean appearance, but also ensures its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The stainless steel material is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for busy kitchens.

Static Cooling

The saladette is equipped with static cooling, which provides consistent and even cooling throughout the interior. This ensures that your ingredients and food items are kept at the optimum temperature, maintaining their freshness and quality for longer periods of time.

Automatic Compressor Cycle Defrost

The refrigerator automatically goes through a compressor cycle defrost, preventing ice build-up and ensuring efficient operation. This eliminates the need for manual defrosting, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

Digital Thermostat

The CRS 90A is equipped with a digital thermostat, allowing you to easily monitor and control the temperature settings. This feature ensures precision and accuracy in temperature regulation, enabling you to keep your ingredients at the perfect temperature for optimal freshness.

Sliding Engine Room

The saladette comes with a sliding engine room, making after-sales servicing and maintenance a breeze. The sliding feature allows for easy access to the engine room, ensuring efficient repairs and servicing when needed.

Easy Removable Condenser Filter

Maintenance and cleaning of the condenser are made simple with the easy removable condenser filter. This feature allows for smooth and hassle-free maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the refrigerator.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Plastic Thermal-Braker as Chamber Body Frame – The Cool Head CRS 90A is equipped with a plastic thermal-braker as the chamber body frame, providing insulation and preventing heat transfer. This helps in maintaining a consistent temperature inside the refrigerated saladette.
  • Separated Plastic Water Tray – The saladette features a separated plastic water tray, preventing any food or liquid spills from entering the engine room. This keeps the refrigerator clean and hygienic.
  • Front Panel Tilted Holes for Better Air Circulation – The front panel of the saladette has tilted holes that enhance air circulation, ensuring even cooling throughout the interior and preventing temperature variations.
  • Adjustable Shelves GN1/1 and Holder Spacer for GN1/6 Pans – The saladette comes with two adjustable shelves GN1/1, providing flexible storage options. Additionally, it includes a holder spacer for GN1/6 pans, allowing you to customize the interior layout according to your needs.
  • Self-closing Door with New Inner Embossed Design – The self-closing door of the CRS 90A is designed with a new inner embossed design for better sealing. This ensures that the door closes tightly, preventing any cold air leakage and maintaining the temperature inside.
  • Removable Gasket and Engine Room Lock – The gasket is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes, promoting hygiene and prolonging the lifespan of the refrigerator. The engine room is also fitted with a lock for added security.
  • Adjustable Feet and Fix Rollers – The saladette is equipped with two adjustable feet in the front, allowing you to level the unit according to your workspace. Additionally, it features four fix rollers for easy mobility and positioning.
  • Stainless Steel Lid Top – The lid top of the CRS 90A is made of stainless steel, adding to its durability and enhancing its overall appearance.
  • Energy Efficiency Class – The energy efficiency class of the saladette is not specified.


The Cool Head CRS 90A – GN1/1 Refrigerated Saladette (SANDWICH TOP) is a versatile and efficient refrigerated workstation perfect for any professional kitchen. Its stainless steel construction, adjustable shelves, and user-friendly features make it a reliable and convenient choice. With the Cool Head CRS 90A, you can maximize your work efficiency, save space, and ensure the freshness and quality of your ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this saladette in a small commercial kitchen?

Yes, the Cool Head CRS 90A is designed to save space while offering a refrigerated workstation, making it suitable for small commercial kitchens.

Are the GN 1/6 pans included with the saladette?

No, the GN 1/6 pans are not included with the saladette. They need to be purchased separately.

How do I clean the condenser filter?

The condenser filter of the CRS 90A can be easily removed for cleaning. Simply detach it from the unit, wash it with soapy water, and rinse thoroughly before reattaching.

Can the temperature be adjusted on the digital thermostat?

Yes, the digital thermostat allows you to easily adjust and control the temperature settings according to your needs.

Is the saladette energy efficient?

The saladette’s energy efficiency class is not specified.

Can I move the saladette easily?

Yes, the CRS 90A is equipped with four fix rollers, allowing for easy mobility and positioning. Additionally, it has two adjustable feet in the front for leveling.

  • GN1/1 Refrigerated saladette (SANDWICH TOP)
  • Stainless Steel exterior and interior
  • Static Cooling
  • Automatic compressor cycle defrost
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (45mm per side)
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Sliding engine room for manageable after sales servicing
  • Plastic thermal-braker as chamber body frame
  • Easy removable condenser filter
  • Separated plastic water tray
  • Front panel tilted holes for better air circulation
  • Adjustable shelves GN1/1: 2 Pcs and holder spacer for GN1/6 pans
  • Self-closing door (New inner embossed design for better sealing)
  • Removable Gasket
  • Engine room lock fitted as standard
  • 2 Adjustable feet in the front + 4 fixed rollers
  • Stainless steel LID top
  • Energy efficiency class: ?
Commercial capacity 239 L
Energy consumption 2.42 Kw / 24h
External depth 700 mm
External height 1005 mm
External width 900 mm
Internal depth 586 mm
Internal height 620 mm
Internal width 810 mm
Gross weight 93 Kg
Net weight 73 Kg
Noise level 50 dB(A)
Power 142.4 W
Temperature range +0 ~ +8C
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    Cool Head CRS 90A Salad Prep Fridge
Cool Head CRS90ACool Head CRS 90A Salad Prep Fridge
1,051.00 excl VAT

In stock

Warranty: 1 Year