Cool Head Single Glass Door Upright Display Freezer in White | TNG 390

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  • Heated glass door with double safety tempered glass
  • Inner horizontal LED light with independent switch
  • Static cooling system with fixed evaporator shelves
  • Designed to be used in multiple ways for proper food storage and display

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Introducing the Cool Head TNG 390 – 300 Lt. Freezer Upright

The Cool Head TNG 390 is a 300L upright freezer designed to meet the needs of businesses in the food and drink industry. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, cafe, deli, or commercial kitchen, this freezer is the ideal solution for storing and displaying your products. With its sleek white exterior and aluminum square handle, it not only offers functionality but also adds a touch of style to your establishment. Equipped with a range of features, this freezer ensures correct food storage and enhances the presentation of your products.

Product Overview

Static Cooling System with Fixed Evaporator Shelves

The Cool Head TNG 390 features a static cooling system with fixed evaporator shelves. This ensures even cooling throughout the freezer, keeping your products at their optimal temperature. With seven layers of fixed evaporator shelves, you have ample space to organize and store your items efficiently.

Heated Glass Door with Double Safety Tempered Glass

The heated glass door of the TNG 390 is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. The double safety tempered glass provides durability and insulation, while the heated feature prevents ice from forming on the surface. This allows customers to easily view and choose products, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Self-Closing Door and Lock

Thanks to the self-closing door, you can be confident that the Cool Head TNG 390 will always stay closed when not in use. This feature helps to maintain the internal temperature and prevents any unnecessary energy loss. Additionally, the lock provides added security, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to the freezer.

Additional Features of Interest

  • Removable Gasket – The removable gasket makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Simply remove the gasket and wipe it down for a hygienic and fresh environment.
  • Inner Horizontal LED Light – The inner horizontal LED light illuminates the contents of the freezer, making it easy to locate and retrieve items. The independent switch allows you to control the lighting, conserving energy when necessary.
  • Adjustable Feet and Rollers – The TNG 390 comes with two adjustable feet and two rollers at the back. This allows for easy mobility and positioning, making it convenient to clean and install in your desired location.
  • Energy Efficiency Class: C – The Cool Head TNG 390 is energy-efficient with its Class C rating. This ensures that you not only save on operating costs but also contribute to a more sustainable environment.


The Cool Head TNG 390 – 300 Lt. Freezer Upright is the perfect addition to any food and drink business. With its stylish design, advanced features such as a heated glass door and self-closing mechanism, and efficient cooling system, this freezer guarantees optimal food storage and presentation. Invest in the TNG 390 to improve your business’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Cool Head TNG 390 freezer?

The dimensions of the Cool Head TNG 390 freezer are [insert dimensions here].

Does the freezer come with a warranty?

Yes, the Cool Head TNG 390 freezer comes with a [insert warranty length] warranty for your peace of mind.

Can I adjust the temperature of the freezer?

Yes, the Cool Head TNG 390 freezer comes with a mechanical thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs.

How often do I need to defrost the freezer?

The Cool Head TNG 390 freezer requires manual defrosting. The frequency of defrosting will depend on factors such as usage and ambient conditions.

How do I clean the removable gasket?

To clean the removable gasket, simply remove it from the freezer and clean it with mild soap and water. Ensure it is completely dry before reattaching it.

Is the Cool Head TNG 390 energy-efficient?

Yes, the Cool Head TNG 390 has an energy efficiency rating of Class C, ensuring that it operates efficiently while minimizing energy consumption.

  • 300 Ltr. Freezer upright
  • White external cabinet, thermoformed internally
  • Static cooling: fixed evaporator shelves (N.7 Layers)
  • Manual Defrost
  • Foaming Agent Cyclopentane (50mm per side ? CFC Free)
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Digital thermometer display
  • Removable Gasket
  • Heated glass door with double safety tempered glass
  • Self Closing Door
  • Lock fitted as standard and external aluminium square handle
  • Inner horizontal LED light (with independent switch)
  • N.2 Adjustable feet + N.2 Rollers at the back
  • Energy efficiency class: C
Commercial capacity 300 L
Energy consumption 8.267 Kw / 24h
External depth 630 mm
External height 1870 mm
External width 600 mm
Internal depth 440 mm
Internal height 1585 mm
Internal width 475 mm
Gross weight 102 Kg
Net weight 92.5 Kg
Noise level 57 dB(A)
Power 620 W
Temperature range L1 (-15?C~-18?C)
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    Cool Head Single Glass Door Upright Display Freezer in White | TNG 390